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Woman Cabby

I had my first woman cabby yesterday, and she was the best goddamn cabby I’ve ever had. She knew when to make a joke, and when to shut it, her car smelled good, and she took the best route. I was trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal that she was a woman, but it really was to me. If stand-up is still a male-dominated industry, driving cabs is definitely several notches of exclusivity above that, and it was awesome to see her rock it. She told me her name was Jesse, and she’s been driving cars for a living for over 15 years. She started with cabs, but then moved on to car services, where she says she makes a little less money, but the hours are better. She wears her dark shiny hair in a no-nonsense low ponytail, and has no makeup on. She moved here from Ecuador, and loves New York. I ask her if the male cabbies give her shit. She doesn’t understand what I mean, so I paraphrase three times. “Do the guy drivers care you’re a woman?” ‘Are the male cabbies nice to you?” “Do the male drivers hang out with you?” She finally gets it, and nods. She tells me most of the cabbies are Pakistani and Arab, and “they don’t like the womens much,” she says with a head shake and a rueful laugh. I laugh too, and ask about other kinds of cabbies. “The Spanish and the Jamaican - they like me, they are nice, we joke.” I’m relieved to hear that they treat her as one of their own. “What about the Russians?” I can’t help but ask. She knots her brows. “The Russian? I don’t see many Russian,” she says. I get a lot of Russian cabbies in NY, the last one a sweet guy who was very upset I wasn’t married with kids already. It’s funny to think that to her they’re a minority, when to me the cabs are teeming with distant relatives, sent here by my family to assure that there will be grandchildren, dammit. I tip Jesse 30% and shake her hand. “This really was the best ride, thank you so much!” She beams, and says “You will have a good flight,” like it’s already settled. I like her more than people are supposed to like strangers, so I get out in a hurry, before I force her to become pen palsI have a good flight.

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