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The first episode of a web series I act in, So Natural, was mentioned on this rad best-of-sketch-comedy blog! And the same day the 4th episode made the front page of Funny or Die:! Woo-hoo HIGH KICKS OF HAPPINESS!!

I really love working on this project, all the women are amazing improvisers and incredibly fun to work with. We are basically in love. And Leena is a great writer/director and she doesn’t yell at us when we goof and talk too much but she’s also stern, but like a cutiepants stern, but still a powerful woman, but also like adorable with an elfish face, but still an independent strong powerful woman like Beyonce, but like without the confusing mixed signals about women’s relationship to wealth and marriage.

It’s nice to do what you love, whenever it happens it’s such a huge surprise and delight to me because most of our lifetimes are spent on jobs we don’t like or want. Comedy and whenever I get to do it is a gift and a fucking joy. I’m going to eat ice-cream now because that’s what delight means, suckers. 

I don’t know why I called you guys suckers earlier. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad, ok? I am mad with ice-cream power. I say things I don’t mean. I took your car. Your gym stuff and your baby were in there. One of them is here with me. It doesn’t matter which one. Let’s not make a big deal about this. I’ll see you around, suckers.


So Natural! - watch more funny videos

So, I have an 11 month old son, I take him to “Mommy (or Daddy in my case) and Me Movies” which is the phenomenon of taking your baby to the theater and watching a current movie with other parents and their babies.  You’ve heard of that right?  It’s a thing.

Anyway, I’m taking him to see What to Expect When You’re Expecting tomorrow because that’s what they programmed and I like to get out of the house.

This sketch is probably better than that movie will be.

Check out the So Natural! web series on Funny Or Die and follow them on Twitter.

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Since I haven’t been here for a while, I didn’t post all the videos I’ve been making. This is the first in a series of videos Courtney Kocak and I made for our Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue spoof site. I’ll post the others that are already out separately, and we’re editing 3 more. I’m really proud of this whole project, and these were as much fun to make as they are to watch. When you laugh at something over and over despite having seen the footage 5000 times while you were editing, you know it’s really funny (to you, anyway).

This one features talented comic and wonderful person Taylor Williamson. I will fight him any time and for any reason.

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