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Exquisite Corpse

Here’s what’s up: as comedians, we are often self-centered. It’s part of thinking by yourself and talking about yourself so much. A lot of us also grew up missing love or a steady home life. So my friend and fellow comedian, a giant of heart and actually physically a giant, Brock Wilbur and I made a book to benefit a local underfunded kids’ charity called KidSave.

It’s called Exquisite Corpse, and it features 31 LA comedians (including the director of Airplane!) each writing a chapter having only read the last paragraph of the previous chapter. Each chapter is in the voice of one comedian, and continues the same story… more or less. It’s weird, funny, sweet, gross, dark, hopeful, and vulnerable, a truly one-of-a-kind literary experiment made by some incredibly talented people, and edited by me and Brock. The amazing Brandon Vaughn did the art.

It’s only available until October 31st, and it only costs $9.99 (or just $5 for a Kindle version!) and all the money goes to helping kids grow up in loving families instead of in orphanages or in the foster care system. 

If you need more reasons to buy one, here are 31 of them:

Allen Strickland Williams, Amber Kenny, Amber Tozer, Andy Sell, Aparna Nancherla, Barbara Gray, Beth Stelling, Brandon Vaughn, Brock Wilbur, Claudia Cogan, Dave Ross, David Schilling, DC Pierson, Ed Galvez, Eric Toms, Evan Gaustad, Galloway Allbright, Grant Pardee, Jerry Zucker, Josh Androsky, Klee Wiggins, Lauren Flans, Lisa Beth Johnson, Matt Ingebretson, Megan Koester, Nicholas Clark, Ron Babcock, Sofiya Alexandra, Sophie Kipner, Todd Masterson, Yassir Lester

Thank you for supporting and reblogging! 

Exquisite Corpse on Amazon - Kindle version

Exquisite Corpse on Amazon - paperback version

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Check Out the Me Three Podcast

I was a guest on the very cool Me Three Podcast last week. The hosts are Lisa Beth Johnson and Darci Ratliff, two of my favorite funny people with whom I did Camp Kittenpants: It was such a blast to goof around with these girls, they’re both incredibly quick and also incredibly silly, a winning combination. We discuss what it was like to move here from the Ukraine, friendship, how to be happy while pursuing comedy, kegels, Wonder Woman, and of course, all-in-one-printers. Check out their other guests, too, great comics and musicians.

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Seriously, come to this show Saturday, it’s a brand-new comedy reading show Doug Mellard and I are starting. It features LA’s best comics reading and riffing on unintentionally funny things  - anything from bad books, ads, and song lyrics to diaries, love letters, eviction notices, etc. 


Seriously, come to this show Saturday, it’s a brand-new comedy reading show Doug Mellard and I are starting. It features LA’s best comics reading and riffing on unintentionally funny things  - anything from bad books, ads, and song lyrics to diaries, love letters, eviction notices, etc. 


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This is the best video I have ever made. Huge thank you to Brandon Burkhart who shot and edited the whole thing, Rob Buscemi for being my idiot-comrade, Janet the Planet for Rob’s amazing hat and for the butterfly, and silent movies for being such an awesome inspiration. Love u, Louise Brooks, you is my boo.


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Let’s Talk About Rape, Baby

Oh hey there, I’m a ‘blogger’ with an opinion on rape. Yep, I will get in line. No, I understand that EVERYTHING ABOUT RAPE EVER HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID. Would I like to shut it right now? Nope, no I wouldn’t.

Is it important for everyone to have something to say about rape? Yes. I will laugh at, and make jokes about how every asshole with a blog nowadays has an opinion, and how when something like the Tosh rape joke fiasco or the Dane Cook chainsaw-in-the-cunt incident or anything at all happens, the internet explodes with millions of opinions, memes, charts, animated gifs, and other things that have become our lives in between briefly stuffing ourselves on Real World experiences. But I will not shut it.

And while I would like to hear fewer opinions on how to please my man, or get rid of that pesky belly fat, or which mascara is the flirtiest, I hope as many people as possible talk about rape. Considering how few years it’s been since women couldn’t vote, or have property, or even REPORT RAPE FOR FUCK’S SAKE, I would like for all of us to keep discussing this for as long as necessary for women’s equality to really take root, the same way we’re working on racism, and acceptance of gay people, and different religious affiliations.

I don’t have to tell you about the rights women don’t have in other parts of the world. But I fucking will. And I hope you bring it up too. Because that’s how we human beings work stuff out for ourselves, become aware, evolve, acquire knowledge, change opinions. Why would you want to shut down the intellectual marketplace? A place of true equality, the equality of ideas? Because you’re sick of reading things that you agree with? Look up other publications. IT’S THE INTERNET, THE OPINIONS ARE LITERALLY NEVER-ENDING LIKE THE SALAD AND BREADSTICKS AT OLIVE GARDEN. Are you sick of reading things you disagree with? Good. Maybe you learned something today. Something about what the people around you believe, and how they think.

I would like for even the idiots to keep talking. It’s so easy for me, living in liberal Los Angeles, to forget how many idiots there are. And that makes me complacent. I forget how ignorant a lot of people are about sexual assault statistics, or how young boys think violence is cool, and they don’t necessarily take sexual assault seriously, or about little girls who think Chris Brown hit Rihanna because he loved her so much. So thank you, idiots! We need your opinions, too. We need all the opinions we can muster, all fighting it out in our consciousness, so we can together process something as unthinkable as rape. So we can get an accurate idea of who’s not informed, misinformed, and where our opinions about equality come from. We need to hear everyone so we can laugh at jokes about rape, talk about why we laugh, and why we don’t, and how we can make our women feel valued, and keep our comedy free at the same time, as a society full of people who is still evolving and stumbling drunkenly towards the light. 

So hey guys, meet me at Olive Garden in an hour for the never-ending salad, breadsticks, and rape talk special? I will be the one with the chainsaw in my cunt.

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